Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Color RED, Weather & Numerals!

This week we are learning about the color red, talking about what makes a great friend and still practicing lots of classroom routines and procedures. We are really working on being independent and doing our very best work.

In science this week we are talking about weather. We had the greatest time acting out the weather!

We have also talked about numerals and made fun headbands! I'll be adding a picture soon! :)

We will have the opportunity to go to the library for the first time on Friday. Your child should have come home with their very first library book. Mrs. Guerrero will talk to us about how to care for books today while we were at the library. It is a great idea to have your child keep their library book in their backpack. This will help them to always have it when we go to the library and help prevent it from getting lost or damaged. So please read and enjoy the book and when done put it back in your child's backpack for safe keeping. This will help us out a great deal.

Many parents have expressed wanting to help out in the classroom and/or at school. Until PTA chooses our room moms and organizes a parent list of helpers, I am planning on requesting help on our blog. Please email me and/or post a comment on the blog if you're interested in coming to help for a particular task.We are currently needing a parent helper to come in our pod and help sort homework papers. We have a large set of papers that need to be sorted by the correct date. If you're able and interested, let me know. Thanks so much!

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