Thursday, August 26, 2010

Spears Huddle!

Dear Parents,

If you are new to Spears, you might have been hearing some buzz about "huddle" and you're wondering what it is. We have huddle every Friday morning (around 8:00am) in the cafeteria. Huddle is our morning assembly where Mrs. Moroch will announce the class MVP's (students chosen by the teachers for being shining stars in the classroom) and birthdays for the week. We also sing and dance and it's a fun time for all students to show school spirit and represent their classrooms.

I will be talking with our sweet friends and letting them know that if they see their parents at huddle to be sure to just wave and not run up to them because we want to make sure we follow our class. Sometimes when friends see their parents leave after huddle it makes them very sad. If you are coming to huddle, please talk with your little ones about what to expect so they are prepared for quick goodbyes. Thanks so much! Hope to see you on Friday mornings!

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